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AS Kalev

AS Kalev is the largest and oldest confectionery company in Estonia, with its earliest precursor beginning operations in Tallinn in 1806. Kalev has been Estonia’s best-loved brand for many years.

The company’s main business is the production and sale of chocolate and confectionery products. In addition to its regular range, Kalev also completes custom orders and works with clients in designing products with the client’s specific message.

Kalev manufactures sweets in its modern production facility, which was completed in 2003 and is located in Põrguvälja, near Jüri, Harjumaa. The maximum total capacity of the production facility covering 26,500 square metres is approx. 15 thousand tonnes per year.

The majority, i.e. approx. 88%, of Kalev’s production is sold on the Estonian market. The company also owns a retail chain that contains six chocolate shops. Kalev is also actively involved in export. The main export markets include the other Baltic states, the Scandinavian countries and Russia.

Kalev’s subsidiary, Maiasmokk – the longest continuously operating café in Estonia – is located in Tallinn and offers a large selection of pastry products and hand-crafted confectionery. Visitors can enjoy light snacks and warm meals on the first floor of the café.

AS Kalev belongs to the international Orkla Group. The company employs more than 400 people.


Maiasmokk Café is the oldest continuously operating café in Tallinn. At that same location, Kalev’s founding father, Lorenz Caviezel, laid the foundation for the Estonian confectionery industry in 1806. After the business and building had changed many hands, they were purchased by Georg Stude, who soon after also purchased the building that was situated on the corner of Pikk and Pühavaimu Street, and he had them reconstructed into one prestigious building, which houses Maiasmokk Café to this day.

Georg Stude’s eponymous confectionery store sold exclusive hand-made marzipan figurines, chocolate confectionery, and a wide range of cakes and pastries.

At the start of the Soviet occupation in 1940, Stude’s company was nationalised and merged with several other confectionery companies, then becoming the Kalev confectionery factory as we know it today. The cake and pastry manufacturing department of Georg Stude’s company remained at the old location, later becoming Maiasmokk Café.

In 2007, the production of marzipan figures returned to its historical location, the Maiasmokk Café building, where marzipan figurines are still hand-made using antique moulds. Maiasmokk Café also continues Stude’s tradition of making cakes and pastries.

Initially located on the ground floor, in the 1980s the café expanded to the first floor of the building, which used to house Georg Stude’s prestigious apartment. In 2015, the interior of the first floor of the building was renovated stylishly, ready again to welcome visitors interested in delicious flavours and history.

There is a marzipan room on the ground floor of the café building, where visitors can view the historic exhibition and see a marzipan master at work.

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