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Kalev Caramel berberis flavoured hard-boiled candy

Barberry (Berberis vulgaris) is wild bush, growing at the edge of the wood, brush and roadside; decorative species of it are popular in gardens and parks. Red berries are sour and contain a number of useful elements. Used a lot for making jellies, drinks and confections.Kalev has been producing barberry-flavored hard-boiled candies for more than 60 years already. This Kalev’s hard-boiled candy of original sour taste is most popular up to our days. Have a candy in your cheek and sip your sugarless tea – this is the most classical way to enjoy barberry flavored hard-boiled candy. Candies do not contain preservatives.Hard-boiled candies are good for weight watchers. These sweets do not contain fat and give fewer calories than chocolate. Nice taste of hard-boiled candy lasts longer and this is why they are especially loved by children.

120 g
165 x 145 x 25 mm
Product code:
Sugar, glucose syrup, acidity regulater (citric acid), concentrate (black carrot), flavouring. Preservative free. May contain traces of different nuts and milk products.
Nutritional value per100 g6g (1pcs.)RI*% RI* 6g
energy1680kJ101kJ /8400kJ1%
of which saturated fatty acids0g0g20g
of which sugar68g4,1g90g4,5%

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