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Suur Tõll dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts

Mild-flavoured dark chocolate with just the right amount of cocoa and whole roasted hazelnuts. Suur Tõll (Toell the Great) was a brave giant hero in Saaremaa, who during ancient times ruled over the rugged island people. He loved hazelnuts and every autumn he would travel to the island of Abruka to stock up. One stormy day, on his way back from his trip to the island, he noticed a battered fishing boat, which had been tipped over by storm waves. Toell rushed to help. He lifted the boat from the water, picked the men and their belongings from the sea and carried them to the shore. The rescued men showed their gratitude by offering Toell a large bag of nuts. From then on, hazelnuts have been one of the favourite treats among the people of Saaremaa.

300 g
130 x 255 x 11 mm
Product code:
Sugar, cocoa mass, hazelnuts 25%, cocoa butter, emulsifier (lecithin). Cocoa solids: 53% minimum. May contain traces of different nuts, peanuts, cereals containing gluten, egg and milk products. Keep in cool and dry place (18±3°C).
Nutritional value per100 g30g (5pcs.)RI*% RI* 30g
energy2293kJ688kJ /8400kJ8%
of which saturated fatty acids17g5,1g20g26%
of which sugar35g10,5g90g12%

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