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Kadriorg assortment of praline candies

435 g

Kadriorg – the Baroque Pearl of Tallinn.
The only real baroque palace of Estonia, Kadriorg Palace and Park, was built in the first half of the 18th century by the Russian Tsar Peter I, who asked architect Niccoló Michetti to come from Italy for that special reason.


Kalev chocolate buttons

125 g

The chocolate buttons are covered with tiny colourful sprinkles. A sweet surprise for everyone!


Kannel chocolate candy

300 g

These legendary chocolate candies from Kalev have received their name from an ancient Estonian national musical instrument – the lap harp. First data about lap harps dates back to more than two thousand years, first written records about the Estonian lap harp are from 1579.


Maiuspala praline candy

200 g

Over half a century old Maiuspala praline candies are the most beloved candies in Estonia. The design of the candy box with a little blonde girl with chicks has remained unchanged for more than three decades and is known to almost all who love sweets.


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